Klisis games

Shoot Me

Our latest and smash hit wannabe game!

Help your heroic planet to survive the bombing

  • Relaxing but addictive gameplay.
  • One finger needed
Have fun!

Prime Bird

Help your bird through out its adventure
  • 3 lives and 3 energy bars per life.
  • Check-points where you continue with your next life. You don't start from the beginning!
  • Many levels!

Pick the fruits, find the ancient monuments
and go to the next levels.

Share your score and...
Have fun!

Lithos 3D puzzle

Lithos is a 3D puzzle game aiming to keep you company for a long time. It is a new kind of Game.

Remove triads of pieces in the same color if:

  • They are in a row
  • You can SEE them in a row (VIRTUAL ROW)
  • They are in a diagonal
  • You can SEE them in a diagonal (VIRTUAL DIAGONAL)
....until all the pieces are gone.

999 games!
each game is 10 points. How many can you score?
connect to google game services and let the world know!

Have fun,

be the best worldwide!

Perfect Pitch Trainer

For all the people who play music. The ultimate tool to help you develop perfect pitch (absolute pitch). Learn to recognize each note you hear!

  • Keep track of your high scores.
  • Choose the notes that you want to be included in the tests
  • Choose the range of the notes that the application will choose from
  • Choose the number of questions per game
Practice. Have fun!